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Data Studio @ Science Park | Workshop on Financial Data Analytics with Python
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Workshop on Financial Data Analytics with Python


Workshop on Financial Data Analytics with Python

Workshop on Financial Data Analytics with Python

Collecting and handling the market data is the first step of an Algo trading paradigm. The amount of data coming from the exchanges or vendors can be extremely large in every second. Therefore, a data handler is needed to preprocess the market data into a summary, e.g. EMD candlestick, which can then be taken as input by the algorithmic trading strategy. EMD candlestick is a method developed by CASH Algo in order to clear the noise from the market data.

Market data handling is the cornerstone for running your Algo trading strategy smoothly. If you are a python programmer, this workshop should give you a good start. Here are the prerequisite for attending this workshop

  • Anaconda python 3.6 version with Jupyter Notebook installed
    (Click here for installation instructions)
  • Pip (installed by command: conda install pip)
  • EMD-signal (installed by command: pip install EMD-signal)
  • Highcharts (installed by command: pip install python-highcharts)

Event Details:

Event Name: Workshop on Financial Data Analytics with Python
Organiser: HKSTP and Cash Algo Finance Group
Date: Friday, 17 Aug 2018
Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Location: Data Studio, Building 5W, Hong Kong Science Park.
Duration: 2 hours
Enrollment Limit: 30-35 participants (FULL)


1)      Elementary level knowledge of Python
2)      Bring your laptop with the proper tools installed

1)      How to handle market data from different sources in financial markets
2)      Introduction to EMD Candlestick
3)      Visualization of Financial Data

For any enquiry, please contact Ms Tinny Lui ( / 2629 6658).

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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