Notification: Thank you for your continued support! The Data Studio portal will be sunsetted on 31 March 2021 (Except Fintech). Please contact us if you have any enquiry on it.
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Getting Started

What is an application?

If you would like to subscribe to an API, you can create an application and then subscribe the API to that application. To facilitate your subscription, a default application is created. For example, if your user name is “superman”, then a default application called “superman_project” is created for you. You can rename it afterwards if needed.

How to create a new application?

In order to create an application, you can click the “New Application +” button on the homepage after you logged in using your developer account.

How to maintain an existing application?

By clicking the “Edit Application” button next to your application on the homepage, you can edit the “Application Name” and your “Application Description”.

How to subscribe an API?

First, you can click “APIS” to browse different datasets that are available on the Portal. The API will be shown with the name and a brief description. To know more about the API you are interested, you can click the “Know More +” button and then the API information page will be shown.

On the API information page, you can view the API description, the version, the status, the updated time and the rating information. If you are interested in the API, you can click the “Subscribe” button.


You will then be asked the application (can be more than one) you would like this subscription to stick with. Click “Subscribe” to confirm.

Where can I find the data definition and sample data?

On the API information page, you will find “Test Connection” and “Documentation” at the bottom. You can view the documentation related to the API in “Documentation” (e.g. data definition, sample data).

How to test the API quickly?

On the API information page, you will find “Test Connection” and “Documentation” at the bottom. You can have a quick try about the API, after your subscription, in “Test Connection”.


In this tab page, you are asked to choose “Application” and the API resource you would like to get. For example, the below example shows two resources.


You can click to expand the API resource to see the details. Click the “Try it out!” button the Curl command, the request URL, the response body, the response code and response headers.

What is an application access token?

An application access token (also known as an App Token) is the unique token assigned to your application for access to the API you have subscribed. Technically speaking, the App Token is added to the HTTP header when you are making the call. If this App Token is not correct, the API resource cannot be returned correctly.

How to invoke an API that requires parameters?

If the API resource requires parameters, you can provide the parameter you want in the Parameter table below. You shall refer to the documentation for the parameters you shall use (as the parameters for each API are different).

How to invoke an API in command line? (HTTP/HTTPS) (Setup Keystore)

You shall refer to the Curl command listed in below to invoke an API in command line.

How to renew the subscription of an API?

On the “Dashboard”, all the applications and subscribed API will be listed. Since a subscription is granted with a 90 days window, your might want to renew the subscription if needed. On the “Dashboard”, you can click “Renewal” under the subscribed API.


For the first time subscription of an API (on an application), no approval is required. For the 2nd time onwards subscription/renewal, an approval is required.


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